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In light of the current phase of LCG’s steady growth and geographical expansion (Europe, Angola, Mozambique, Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica), we are looking for people who demonstrate quality and a strong profile. At LCG you will be given opportunities that will challenge you, as well as the possibility to grow as a professional. You will be part of a multidisciplinary team, working in a stimulating environment. We invite you to explore the Careers section of our website. Here you will discover the opportunities available and be able to submit your application.

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What our employees say

... Miguel Pinto Coelho

Analyst@LCG S&O

Miguel Pinto Coelho

Analyst@LCG S&O

These 6 months at the LCG Academy have been an extremely positive experience for me. Over this period, I have had the possibility of being part of several challenging projects, being given the freedom to make a positive contribution, as well as develop and exceed personally. Values like responsibility and insistence have been an added bonus, strengthening my evolution over the past months. However, the best thing this experience gave me was the possibility to be accompanied by exceptional people, who sought to include me in the best possible manner, sharing their experiences and knowledge. Today I feel that I truly belong to a high value team that is counting on me and on a future full of opportunity!

... Joana Tomás

Analyst@LCG Technology

Joana Tomás

Analyst@LCG Technology

These 6 months at LCG Academy, have been an incredible, or better still, phenomenal experience. I have had the opportunity to participate in different projects that have helped my development, both personally and professionally! None of this would have been possible without the help of the people who accompanied me and who have since become a great support network for me.