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In light of the current phase of LCG’s steady growth and geographical expansion (Europe, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Colombia, Brazil), we are looking for people who demonstrate quality and a strong profile. At LCG you will be given opportunities that will challenge you, as well as the possibility to grow as a professional. You will be part of a multidisciplinary team, working in a stimulating environment. We invite you to explore the Careers section of our website. Here you will discover the opportunities available and be able to submit your application.

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What our employees say

... Bernardo Magalhães

Analyst@LCG Technology

Bernardo Magalhães

Analyst@LCG Technology

It was LCG Academy that gave me the opportunity to begin my professional career. I remember my training at LCG Academy, as a period of excellence, not to mention the attention we got from the Training Programme organizers, who throughout the whole process would even bring us cakes as they accompanied us. I was welcomed wholeheartedly by the LCG team, with all of my colleagues being available to help me whenever I needed them, as well as always having a smile on their faces.

... Bárbara Cabeça

Consultant@LCG L&I

Bárbara Cabeça

Consultant@LCG L&I

Although I am a recent component in the LCG machine, in very little time, I have had the opportunity to confirm my expectations and be sure I made the right bet. Today, I am very pleased to be part of a multidisciplinary, young and dynamic team that allows me to gain new knowledge in the most diverse areas, thus, broadening my field of action. I am convinced that the challenges put to me on a daily basis will make me a more qualified professional, ready to stand up to the challenges of an evermore demanding society. The future is LCG and is at LCG!