About our different fields of action

LCG has experience in diverse fields of business and relies on the expertise of its consultants to improve the businesses of its clients.

Financial Services

  • Procedural transformation
  • Management of Operational Risks
  • Business process & analysis using the tool ARIS
  • Implementation and maintenance of support systems SAP of the insurance sector (collections & disbursements, accounting and finance, real estate management, business intelligence and purchasing)
  • Network performance evaluation
  • Technological support for the calculation of impairments
  • Aligning team performance with business objectives
  • Surveys e corporate intelligence
  • Development of lead distribution engines
  • Other Services (subject to consultation

Consumer Business Manufacturing & General Services

  • Market research and financial economic viability analysis
  • Multicriteria evaluation of projects
  • Targeting for customer acquisition
  • Development and monitoring of customer loyalty campaigns
  • Design and implementation of online stores
  • Performance monitoring of production lines
  • Spin-off and autonomization of business areas
  • Preventive and evolutive maintenance of the core system (SAP)
  • Other Services (subject to consultation)

Energy, Transportation & Infrastructure

  • Strategic plan of information systems
  • Auditing the purchasing process
  • Revision of the Management model
  • Strategy design of pricing
  • Elaboration of the market entry strategy
  • Optimization of the productive process and development of functionalities in system (SAP)
  • Other Services (subject to consultation)

Telecom, Media & Entertainment

  • Logistic reengineering (direct and inverse) and development of processes in system (SAP)
  • Design and implementation of business intelligence models
  • Performance analysis and optimization of agents network
  • Implementation of commercial effectiveness models
  • Implementation of process dematerialization tolls (Sharepoint)
  • Financial Planning and Consolidation
  • Complex Project Management
  • Other Services (subject to consultation)

Public Services & Health

  • Tenders and monitoring of community funds (SAMA)
  • Economic studies
  • Support for public procurement through the competitive dialogue method
  • Reorganization of public services
  • Digitalization of public services
  • Complex project management (PMI)
  • Citizen centric services
  • Training in the public procurement code
  • Support in certification ISO 9001:2015
  • Other Services (subject to consultation)