Why Choose LCG

Why Choose LCG

LCG strives to present value propositions distinguished by the flexibility of their model of cooperation, expertise and experience of resources and capacity to present innovative solutions to help clients achieve the level of excellence they desire.

Unique Solutions

• Wised – Multi-criteria Analysis
• Core – Integrated management system
• Xanalytics – Budgeting Tool
• Master Catalog – Product Information Management.

+2300 Projects Undertaken

Certifications / quality assurance in project execution: ISO 9001, Project Management Institute, SME Excellence, SAP.

Working for one of the Best Companies

Thanks to its continuous efforts to improve the conditions and benefits of collaborators, LCG has been considered, year after year, as one of the best companies to work for in Portugal.

Recommended by 94% Of Our Clients

Practically all of our clients would recommend the services provided by LCG to other businesses.

Multidisciplinary Projects

Strategy & Operations, Analytics, Technology, Enterprise Business Applications, Marketing & Sales Intelligence, Finance & Accounting, Legal & Incentives, Digital Lead & Protection, People & Innovation, Rapid Application Delivery.

7 Countries with LCG Presence

Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, USA, Colombia, Mexico and Costa Rica.

Fundamental Values

Integrity - We respect Clients, Partners and Collaborators, Innovation -We anticipate solutions, Commitment to our Clients - We establish long-lasting working relations, Trust -We invest in Value Creation, Excellence - We want to be among the Best.

8,2/10 Client Level Of Satisfaction

Our clients are very satisfied with services provided and projects undertaken.